Vinyl Record Pressing

One-Off Vinyl:   Pricing for 1-10 units are a “one-off” product, lathe-cut onto a vinyl blank.

Vinyl Pressing:  Pricing for 100+ units includes lacquer master-cutting & creation of all standard molds, stampers and vinyl record pressing.

Vinyl Weight – 140g or 180g options: The standard black vinyl records we produce are 140g. – to upgrade this to 180g. add 40¢/unit. 

Test Pressings: Test pressings are recommended to help clients verify pressing quality before receipt of final product, but add $110. to prices listed. In order to avoid production delays, test pressings should be client-approved within 2 business days.

Vinyl Source-Audio: 24 bit @ 96kHz WAV or AIFF is the vinyl pre-master standard, but other file resolutions such as 16 bit @44.1kHz (CD-quality) are also acceptable.  File resolution should be the highest available, but should not be converted up to a higher resolution. MP3 audio is not a suitable source for vinyl production.  Source audio files should be provided as a single WAV or AIFF format file for each side, with track spacing as it is intended to appear on the record.

The Great Vinyl Revival: The revival of vinyl record production is something that has come as somewhat of a surprise to music industry insiders, yet no-one can deny its current popularity!

For a company like Summit Sound (established in 1974) vinyl is very familiar territory, as we did literally hundreds of vinyl projects when that medium was originally in its heyday.

Simply put, our extensive past experience with all of the idiosyncrasies of this time-tested product, puts us in a unique position to ensure our current vinyl customers a superior product, thus avoiding the common pitfalls that our less experienced competitors often encounter.

Vinyl is “cool” again….but it is also relatively expensive, so saving a few cents per unit for an inferior product that might “skip” or suffer from other serious pressing imperfections (from one of our less competent competitors) is obviously not really a “saving” at all!

When it comes to vinyl pressing, this is truly a product where you do get what you pay for! Our priority is always  QUALITY, so if you do happen to find lower prices elsewhere… be cautious, as most of our competitors do not have the experience to provide the same quality product that you will get from Summit Sound.

Final Over or Under-Runs: *Final quantities for custom vinyl pressing are plus or minus 10% and invoicing is then adjusted for actual final quantities shipped.

Delivery:  The standard turn-time for vinyl pressing is typically 10-12 weeks

Shipping:  Shipping  – F.O.B. our pressing plant – is additional to all prices listed.

TermsAll orders to be pre-paid in full, including shipping and HST at time of order placement. *NOTE: Invoicing will be adjusted for actual quantities shipped, so if under-run, we will refund you for any product you do not receive, and if over-run you will be invoiced C.O.D for any extras (up to 10%) that are shipped.