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Howling Dogs
Alex Fisher
Jamie Stever
The Proverbs
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  • Little Big Fish

What the Reviews Say

My band and I had a great time recording at Summit Sound. Dave & Kathy were very friendly and accommodating to all our needs. The studio is really comfortable and well equipped. Even better, it is staffed by experienced professionals who help to bring the best out of you!

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Laura Harris

Dave & Kathy…I wanted to drop you a note of sincere thanks for all the effort you put into making my first album such a success. The studio musicians were amazing and a real pleasure to work with. Thank-you for everything, I hope to be back soon!

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Alex Fisher

I love Summit Sound! You did such an amazing job on my CD mastering and also on the cover design and packaging. It was also a treat to come back and do backing vocals on my sister Bonnie’s new album in your studio. Thanks again. I was very happy with everything. I’ve already recommended you to friends!

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April Joy

My first session to record the demo for my publisher was meant to be a one-off, but I was so impressed with the quality and level of service you provided, that I came back to record more songs which I plan to put on my new album. I appreciate that all of your staff are perfectionists and always give 100% and I think the end result truly shows this. I highly recommend Summit Sound for their excellent quality and great value for the money!

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Scott Salaman

Thanks for all your help on our most recent project. I would 100% use your services again! This was the first time we used a “real” recording studio for one of our projects, and now I cant imagine doing it any other way!

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Elaine Starkey

I just wanted to say a BIG thank-you to Kathy once again for the great graphic design work on the cover for my latest radio release. It’s always a pleasure to work with you and Dave. Somehow you guys always manage to meet my (sometimes crazy) deadlines. I will definitely look forward to the next time we get to work together!

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Jamie Stever