Summit Advantage

10 Reasons Why Summit Sound Inc. is the First Choice of Independent Artists for Custom Music Manufacturing

1. Over 46 Years Experience as one of the leading custom music manufacturers in North America. Established in 1974 with thousands of satisfied customers, Summit Sound will still be here to serve you, long after the competition has vanished..

2. All Products Fully Guaranteed to meet the highest ISO industry standardstrue major label quality! Our priority is satisfied customers, so we will cheerfully replace any defective item, or refund your money (at our option) less shipping costs if for any reason, we find your finished product does not meet our usual high standards.

3. Best Price Guarantee… in the unlikely event anyone quotes you less for identical products or services, (upon our review of any legitimate written competitive quote) where possible, we will match prices …or else we will clearly explain what is included in our price that the other supplier has left out.
*Because we never cut corners on quality simply to match prices, it is possible that someone may offer you a sub-standard product at a price we can’t beat due to our premium quality standards. Remember that all CD and DVD manufacturing is NOT done to the same major label specifications that Summit Sound Inc. adheres to, and there are some suppliers who frankly are selling “junk” … so a price that seems too good to be true – often is just that!

4. Top Rated Customer Service. We promise our staff will take a personal interest in you and your project, and will work harder than anyone else you have ever dealt with, to ensure your complete satisfaction!

5. Fastest Turn Times In the Industry… typical turn times of 9-12 business days for standard CD/DVD pressing runs including cover print and packaging and 1-5 business days for short-run CDR/DVDR product. Urgent or rush orders may also be accommodated with nominal surcharges to be added for such services. (rush-order quotes available upon request – rush/priority orders may not be available during peak periods).

6. Free Assistance With Marketing & Distribution of Your Music – upon request, we can put you in contact with services to assist you in selling your music on-line through legitimate digital services like Apple Music or Spotify.

7. Real People To Assist With Any Questions Or Technical Issues. Call us toll free at 1-800-403-9755 and talk with a real person who will provide answers to any questions you may have regarding any aspect of custom music production. Your Summit sales rep will also be pleased to provide written quotes (with no surprises) based on your specific artistic or budgetary requirements.

8. Incredible FREE On-line Resources to assist you with all aspects of custom music manufacturing available on our Summit Sound Website. Information on copyright, mechanical licensing, performance rights, custom recording, manufacturing, printing and packaging, cover templates, as well as complete technical information on cover design and tips for DIY graphic designers… plus much more! You may wish to begin by downloading our Recording and Replication Guide

9. Complete Related In-House Services including audio and video recording, editing, mastering, studio production and graphic design for professional CD/DVD packaging is all provided “in-house” at Summit.

10. CD Over-Runs FREE – When you pre-pay your order including applicable taxes and shipping in full at time of placement, any over-run of up to 10% is FREE. If your order is under-run we will refund you for any short-shipped product at time of pick-up or shipment. (**see below)

Industry Standard CD/DVD Over-run – Under-run Policy**:
CD/DVD manufacturing over-runs (or under-runs) often take new custom CD buyers by surprise. Due to manufacturing quality control, all custom CD manufacturers consider final orders complete with final quantities of plus or minus 10%. Most will adjust your final invoice accordingly to reflect the exact quantity shipped +/-10%… but many manufacturers plan to over-run your order to the maximum, so they can bill you for the full 10% extra product. (this can be a BIG surprise to those not accustomed to such industry manufacturing practices)

Since all CD companies require a 60% or larger deposit to begin your order; (when there is an over-run…as there usually is) they won’t release anything, until you pay for the full order – including the 10% over-run.

To avoid any surprises on over-runs for our Summit customers, we offer FREE CD/DVD over-runs to any client who pre-pays their order in full at time of placement, including all applicable taxes and shipping. This means that if your job is over-run by 10%, all the extra CDs shipped are yours for FREE!  If your order is under-run, we will refund you for any shortages at time of final shipment.

If you choose not to fully pre-pay your order, our standard terms of 70% down and the final product balance (adjusted +/10% for any over or under-run) is due prior to shipment …as per industry standards.