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We are the custom music experts


Summit Sound Inc. is a full service custom music production company, owned and operated by Covenant Award winning musicians, Dave & Kathy Daw.

Summit Sound Inc. was established in 1974 and is the premier production facility of it’s kind in Ontario, specializing in Custom Music Production in all styles.

Our recording studio, music store, offices and music manufacturing plant are all located under-one-roof near Westport, Ontario Canada .

Summit Sound is located mid-way between Toronto & Montreal, yet away from the hustle of the big city, so our clients love to come to enjoy the relaxed oasis we have created on our 34 wooded acres, which are bordered on 2 sides by a spring-fed creek. We are just outside the village of Westport, Ontario, at the heart of the Rideau Lakes tourist region.

We provide audio recording, mixing & mastering, video editing, CD, USB & DVD manufacturing, graphic design services for music related printing & packaging and mechanical licensing services.

Through our on-site retail music store, we also offer equipment sales, installation and operator training for the most popular lines of pro-audio, video & lighting equipment.


The Summit Sound studio is a state-of-the-art music and post production facility, built from the ground up as a professional recording complex with a large control room, and spacious
live tracking room, plus separate drum & vocal isolation

We have unparalleled experience recording, mixing &
mastering thousands of projects from nearly every musical

Equipped with a Presonus 64S – 64 input digital console, four Presonus EarMix 16M persoanl monitor stations Apple Mac computers and JBL studio monitoring, 50+ studio
microphones, plus a multitude of other new and vintage outboard gear, our studio is ideally suited for recording projects
involving 1-25 or more artists/musicians.



Summit Sound offers complete professional graphic design services specializing in design for custom music manufacturing.

Our design team have designed thousands of CD covers and are available to assist you to ensure that your next album cover and any promotional materials reflect the premium quality of your recording.

Whether you need a complete original album cover concept & design, or your own design requires a little technical tweaking, our staff have the experience to ensure optimum results for all of your design-to-printing  needs.


Through our retail division, Summit Sound offers a wide variety of professional sound, video and lighting equipment at competitive prices and we are authorized dealers for many of the most popular brands.

Represented lines include: Allen & Heath, QSC, Shure, Presonus, DBX, CAD, Chauvet, BRTB, Alesis, Alto Professional, Digiflex, Samson, Audio Technica, ADJ, Behringer, Ultimate Support, K&M, ONStage and many others!

We also provide complete system design & consulting services, as well as full installation and operator-training for everything we sell.

If you are looking for AV solutions for your band, church, or school call us.

Our History

Summit Sound was established in 1974 initially renting existing studio facilities in Trenton, ON .

Original Location Where Summit Sound Began

Summit Sound founder Dave Daw (foreground) in the original rented 4 track studio in Trenton, ON, seated at the custom RCA console, identical to the one that Elvis recorded all of his RCA albums on in Memphis


Summit Sound Opens It's Own Studio in Westport

In 1978 Summit Sound moved it’s operations from a rented studio in Trenton, ON to it’s own building which housed their new 4 track studio in the village of Westport, ON

Summit Studio Upgrades from 4 to 8 Tracks

As business grew at the new Westport location, upgrades included a new 8 track analogue recorder with dbx noise reduction and several new high quality studio microphones

Summit Sound's 8 track Capability Doubled to 16

In August of 1984 Summit Sound upgraded it’s recording capabilities from 8 to 16 tracks with the addition of a brand new 16 track analogue recorder

Summit Sound Adds New 64 Input Analogue Console

In April 1991 Dave & Kathy Daw took full ownership of Summit Sound, undertaking a major renovation of the studio control room and adding a brand new 64 input analogue console

Summit Studio Upgrades to 24 Tracks

In April of 1991 when Summit Sound upgraded it’s studio console, they also added a brand-new 24 track analogue recorder, bringing the studio to full state-of-the-art status

Summit Sound Builds Brand-New Recording Complex

Construction of a brand new studio (which began in September 1992) was completed, and the first session in their brand-new 24 track facility took place in early August of 1993

ProTools Digital Mixing & Editing Added at Summit Sound

In the fall of 1995 Summit installed their first ProTools system and soon added 24 motorized fader automation, thus allowing them to offer full digital mixing and editing in the years that followed

Summit Sound Adds 48 Track Digital Recording

In February 2004, Summit Sound replaced it’s 24 track analogue recorder with a brand-new 48 track digital recording system

Summit Upgrades to Tascam DM4800 Digital Console

Summit installs current layered digital console with full motorized fader automation

Acoustic Treatment to Summit Studio

In the winter of 2016, extensive acoustic treatment to the entire studio and construction of a new vocal isolation booth (in part of the former foyer area) was completed, further refining the award winning capabilities of the Summit Sound Studio

New studio console & 4 new personal monitoring stations added

New studio console & 4 new personal monitoring stations added
In 2023 a 64 input Presonus 64S digital console with 33 motorized faders & 64 auxes, plus 4 EarMix 16M personal monitoring stations were added. ProTools and Studio One DAW software was also updated to latest versions on a new control-room Mac computer.

Need to Find a Quality Full Service Studio?

We are a full service studio with state-of-the-art  capabilities for all your recording & mastering needs.