Summit Ordering Requirements


All items below must be completed for Summit to process your order

1. Verify current products, pricing and specifications by calling Summit at 1-800-403-9755 or email

2. Create a written purchase order describing your requirements, quantities and the pricing you believe to be applicable and attach to your order. All items will be confirmed by Summit before job begins.

3. Deposit: Attach a deposit of at least 60% of the total amount on your purchase order (including any applicable sales taxes). Your job cannot begin until your deposit is received. Payment may be by cash, credit card, bank draft (or debit card if delivering the job to Summit in person). If you prepay 100% of your order including taxes and freight in advance, any over-runs (up to +10%) are FREE.
4. Copyright... Be certain you have fully addressed all copyright issues and attach required Duplication-Rights form Download this form from our PDF downloads at this link: plus copies of mechanical licenses to your purchase order. We cannot legally proceed with your order until we can verify that proper copyright clearances (mechanical licenses) are pending. If you need help obtaining mechanical licenses, click on this link: Tips From Summit Sound On Obtaining Mechanical Licenses

5. CD, CDR, DVD Masters: Enclose final master with your order and double-check (by re-playing) master to ensure there are no errors or omissions. Clearly label master (on the disc surface) with artist and project names, catalog numbers etc. Include technical info print-out with all time codes and a complete list of tracks plus a contact email and telephone number for the studio or person who created the master.

6. Cover Design: (i) If Summit is providing your cover design you will need to provide cover photos and email all cover text and credits to our designers. You will receive cover proofs of our design and must sign a design approval and proof-reading form... attach it to your purchase order. (ii) If providing your own design, your layouts must be on one of our Summit Templates and provided to Summit on CDR in a 300dpi printable PDF format with all colors converted to CMYK and all text and images embedded. Be sure to follow all design instructions provided on our website to avoid extra costs. Designs not supplied on Summit layout sheets will be charged a minimum fee of $60. to place your files on our templates. Designers must also attach a reference print-out of all cover art, before we can proceed with printing and production.

7. Uploading files to our FTP site: You may electronically upload your design files (and audio master) to the Summit FTP site. If you wish to do so, please email us and request your Summit ftp site account ID and password. This can be an quick way to send original files or corrections, but if you are sending an your CD by courier anyway, you may just want to include the design files on a second CDR to ensure that we receive clean locked files. Even if uploading design files to our ftp site, you should courier us a hard copy color print-out for us to compare colors before going to press.

8. Package all items as listed above carefully and securely (being certain to keep safety copies of EVERYTHING in case anything is lost in shipping) and deliver in person, or ship by a reputable courier such as UPS, FEDEX or PUROLATOR to: Summit Sound Inc., 184 McAndrews Rd., Westport, ON K0G 1X0 Canada. (we recommend that you do not use the post office) NOTE: Packages sent from outside Canada must not have a declared value exceeding $10. US funds, or client will be liable for any extra customs, duty or brokerage fees we incur in receiving your package.

9. Delivery and payment of any balance due will be handled as follows: When your order is complete, you will receive a telephone call or email from Summit advising you that your job is ready, and inquiring if you will pick-up at our plant, or have us ship to you via UPS. Any invoice balances due (including any adjustment for final quantity over or under-runs plus applicable shipping costs) are payable prior to shipment and may be made by credit card, cash, or debit card. Jobs cannot be shipped until all invoice balances are paid in full.

If you have ANY questions please call us toll free at:


or email us,