Summit Graphic Design Services
Why use Summit for your design?

The importance of a professionally designed CD cover and properly prepared digital files for process color (CMYK) printing is often overlooked by those new to custom music manufacturing.

A professional grahic designer can give your project's cover the extra boost that will ensure that people take your CD seriously. This will result in a more professional image and usually translates to more sales too. Like it or not, "people often do judge the book/CD by the cover" - so even if there is a million dollar production inside, they may never hear it, if an amateur looking cover scares them away.
Although most people today have access to home computers and page layout programs, few have the design skills, experience or adequate hardware & software necessary to ensure a professional looking result or even to create the required 4 color (CMYK) files to go direct-to-plate or to film. Obviously, the cover of your CD isn't a great place for you to begin experimenting or learning this process!
The art department at Summit Sound has been producing album covers since 1974, progressing from manual hand-drawn art and process camera separations back in the early 70's, to the very latest Mac based computer graphics hardware and software of today.

Kathy Daw - who holds a college degree in Creative & Visual Arts - heads up the Summit design team and her experience includes designing, trouble-shooting and overseeing the production of literally thousands of CD, DVD, VHS, record and tape covers.

Like most professional graphics studios, Summit Sound is strictly an "Apple/Mac" environment, utilizing the latest Apple computers and the top graphics page layout programmes such as QuarkXpress and the Adobe Creative Suite - with digital photo manipulation and illustration via Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator.

Summit Sound's graphics department is able to take your rough cover concepts and transform them into a great cover design, or to come up with a complete graphic concept, design and cover layout to give your project maximum marketing impact.

Summit can also accept clients' digital art/photo files in both Mac & PC formats, and is often called upon to enhance or repair supplied files and layouts from amateur designers and to solve technicsal issues with files that do not meet industry specs.

Although recent changes to the pre-press process and the use of printable PDF files for direct-to-plate printing, now make it possible even for PC users to create usable graphics files, still, many common PC programmes such as Microsoft Word or Publisher may still be impossible to use for CMYK - printable PDF output.

Truthfully there is no substitute for having a trained graphic designer (using a Mac) working on your cover design aided by their experience, technical skill and equipped with all the proper tools of the trade.

Summit Sound provides both the latest equipment and experienced staff to help you avoid expensive mistakes. Our staff are here to help, so call before you begin.

For the best results, let the professionals at Summit do your cover design work!

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Shopping For Professional Design Services
Your cover is VERY important, and like it or not, the contents will be pre-judged by what people see on the outside. A poor looking cover can scare potential customers away from a great product inside.

Few people who own a PC and a copy of "Corel Draw" are trained as graphic artists, and even fewer have any experience with CMYK output for high-end offset printing. This process differs greatly from web design and has very different specs that can be difficult to understand.

When shopping for a "professional" graphic designer, the first question to ask is what platform they work on. Our experience has shown that doing your design on a Mac using QuarkXPress with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, and exporting the final layout from Quark as a printable PDF will ensure the best results with a minimum of printing complications.

The design team at Summit Sound is active creating new music or video related graphic projects every day, Our staff have designed thousands of album covers, have the experience, and are fully equipped with all the industry standard computer hardware and software to ensure your project meets major label standards.

Summit Sound Graphic Design Fees

Effective January 2008

Description of Service Rate
Standard Graphic Design Workstation Time $60./hr
Client Attendance for Design Session $65./hr.

Master CDR back-up of final artwork $20.

Summit Sound provides a free consultation service on your cover design and can recommend the proper route to take (along with cost estimates) to ensure a professional finished product.

If you have any questions call us toll free at 1 800 403-9755 or e-mail to:
Summit Sound Inc, 184 McAndrews Rd. POB 333, Westport, ON K0G 1X0.