How Our USA Summit CD Package Pricing Works
Where possible, we'll match any competitor's price for "identical" items!
If anyone quotes you less for identical products or services send us a written copy of their quote to review & match.

CD and CDR Package pricing is comprised of several components. Below is a brief description of these items. 

1. CD or CDR which normally includes printing on the surface of the disc

2. The Jewel Box or (alternate packaging) that holds the CD and usually also the printed graphics

3. The actual printed cover (folder or booklet plus the tray card) that goes inside a jewel case with the CD

4. Cover Design which is done on a computer workstation and output asHi Res printable PDF's.

5. Scans or digital photos/images for CD cover and/or disc imprint

6 Digital preflight of cover files printed direct to plate (no films and color keys required)

7. The disc imprint films used to make plates for CD imprinting (not required for CDRs) Our base price includes 4 films

8. Insertion of all materials in jewel case or cardboard packaging and shrink-wrap

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Due to quality control CD replication & cover printing is subject to *over/under-runs of up to 10%
Final invoices will be adjusted to cover exact quantities shipped with overs or unders added or deleted at unit costs.

On any project Pre-Paid In Full (in advance) any Over-run will be FREE

60% deposit with order / *Adjusted (approx 40%) balance due PRIOR to shipping.

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