Note: We Have Discontinued Cassette Manufacturing & our equipment is for sale

Effective 2003 / Subject to Change Without Notice

Effective 2009, Summit Sound Inc. has discountinued Cassette duplication & manufacturing due to some tape and component supply shortages. All of our cassette loaders & duplicators are for sale call 1-800-403-9755 for details. Summit Sound Inc. still offers premium CDR dupication services for any quantity and complete CD replication services for quantities of 500 or more.

When we still made cassettes, the base package for "Standard-Run" Cassettes (as shown, with printed graphics) included duplication of 250 or more CrO2 cassettes with norelco boxes (up to C-45 in length, with 1000 J+1 Insert Cards, printed (4/1) full colour on the front and black on the reverse, with shrinkwrap). "Short-Runs" were also available. Tape shells could be imprinted or labeled with paper.

Summit used to use only premium grade cassette components. Summit's duplication system was designed for music production and recording and was done "in-cassette". The duplication process formerly provided by Summit was NOT at the high speeds many other tape manufacturers used. Summit also custom loaded high quality blank CrO2 & Normal bias tapes.

Quality is the reason more than 25 studios and several hundred independent artists from coast to coast, used to send Summit Sound all their cassette duplication work!

*Please note that we no longer do cassette manufacturing or duplication & our cassette duplication equipment is for sale - call 1-800-403-9755 for details.

Optional Extras


Cassette Imprint Film & Plates
Additional Cover-Workstation Time 
 Additional Digital Audio Mastering
Audio Cassette proof
Film/Col. Key (over 12"hx15"w) / film/key
 Extra Color Photo drum Scans 5"x7"
 Extra B&W Photo drum Scans 5"x7"
 Extra Color Photo Flatbed Scans 5"x7"
 Extra B&W Photo Flatbed Scans 5"x7"
Upgrade printed 4/1 J+1 to 4/4 ... Add
 Upgrade J+1inserts adding extra panels
Short-run CD duplication available call or
email Summit for quotations.
 $44  $65
$40/hr  $60./hr
 $40./hr  $60./hr
 $10.  $15.
10¢/  14¢/
 $33  $50
 $10  $15
 $18  $25
 $6  $9
 $91/m $135/m
  $34.panel  $50/panel


Summit Packaging Options

We still have some "clearance" inventory of cassette storage albums, single soft boxes, as well as the clear standard norelco boxes. Pricing is available upon request.