Summit Premium Short-Run - USA Prices
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
US Prices subject to prevailing CDN dollar exchange rates

Our Premium" Short-Run" CD duplication service provides a "world-class" product, ideal for those needing 1-1000 (or more) CDRs, where finished product is required in 1-5 working days. Often used for music, or for test marketing and promotion, it is also ideal for software releases that may require frequent updates. Summit's short-run (duplication) process utilizes the latest CDR writing, direct-on-disc imprinting and hi-res laserprint technologies. Discs have a white (or silver) imprintable front surface which is ideal for full color printing, rendering a finished product virtually indistinguishable from "pressed" or molded CDs. No one works harder than Summit Sound Inc. to ensure your total satisfaction for "short-run" CDR production.


Summit CD Mastering Packages
Professional Mastering Services at Summit Sound typically at 1/2 price if we manufacture your order for 500 or more CDs

Summit Packaging Options
A variety of packaging options exist as shown below. These include double CD jewel cases, slimlines, several types of envelopes and soft plastic cases. Pricing is available upon request.