Note: We Have Discontinued Cassette Manufacturing & our equipment is for sale

Effective 2003/ Subject to Change Without Notice

Effective 2009, Summit Sound Inc. has discountinued Cassette duplication & manufacturing due to some tape and component supply shortages. All of our cassette loaders & duplicators are for sale call 1-800-403-9755 for details. Summit Sound Inc. still offers premium CDR dupication services for any quantity and complete CD replication services for quantities of 500 or more. .

When we still made cassettes, the base package for "Short-Run" Cassettes (as shown, with printed graphics) included duplication of 150 or less CrO2 cassettes with norelco boxes (up to C-45 in length, with the exact same quantity J+1 Insert Cards, laser printed (4/1) full colour on the front and black on the reverse, with shrinkwrap). Short-Run tape shells were labeled with paper. "Standard-Runs" of 250 or more are also available.

Summit used to use only premium grade cassette components. Summit's duplication system was designed for music production and recording was done "in-cassette". The duplication process provided by Summit was NOT at the high speeds many other tape manufacturers used. Summit also custom loaded high quality blank CrO2 & Normal bias tapes.

Quality is the reason more than 25 studios and several hundred independent artists from coast to coast, used to send Summit Sound all their cassette duplication work!

*Please note that we no longer do cassette manufacturing or duplication & our cassette duplication equipment is for sale - call 1-800-403-9755 for details..

Optional Extras


Cassette Imprint Film & Plates
Additional Cover-Design Workstation Time 
 Additional Digital Audio Mastering
Audio Cassette proof
Film/Col. Key (over 12"hx15"w)/ film/key
 Extra Color Photo drum Scans 5"x7"
 Extra B&W Photo drum Scans 5"x7"
 Extra Color Photo Flatbed Scans 5"x7"
 Extra B&W Photo Flatbed Scans 5"x7"
Upgrade printed 4/1 J+1 to 4/4 ... Add
 Upgrade J+1inserts adding extra panels
Short-run CD duplication available call or
email Summit for quotations.
 $44  $65
$40/hr  $60./hr
 $40./hr  $60./hr
 $10.  $15.
10¢/  14¢/
 $33  $50
 $10  $15
 $18  $25
 $6  $9
 $91/m $135/m
  $34.panel  $50/panel


Summit Packaging Options

We still have some "clearance" inventory of cassette storage albums, single soft boxes, as well as the clear standard norelco boxes. Pricing is available upon request.